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Welcome to Buhrman Kennel Boarding and Grooming


 Sorry, we are no longer breeding shelties. We are now focusing on our Boarding and Grooming Kennel. See details below!
Also check out Policies and Contact page for more info!

 We own and operate a Boarding and Grooming Kennel
   Boarding:                                           Grooming:                                    

We have indoor/ outdoor kennels                                       We groom cats and all dog breeds
no indoor concrete                                                                Basic  grooming and clipping
separate area for cats and small animals                      Nail trim is included in all grooming
heat and air-conditioning                                                     We can also just trim nails
spacious runs with large dogs in mind                                We do not do show cuts!
walks and playtimes available                                             All pets must be good natured!         
We are vet recommended!                                                   No aggressive animals!!!
We require current shot records!!                                                                   

       office front of play yard

       Front of Boarding Kennel Office                  Front of our play yard for boarders

     front of kennelplay yard

      Front of Boarding Kennel                 Outside play yard for boarders

   hall in kennel                      outside kennel run

 Down the hall of the boarding kennel               The outside run of the boarding kennel
                                                                             it is 4 x 10 feet    

inside kennel run                                  dog door

  Inside kennel run 4 x 5 feet                                      Dog door from inside to outside kennel

        inside office                                cat condo

            Inside the Office                                                         Cat in Condo in the office

   Hours: Sunday - Tuesday 7am till 5pm
            Wednesday 7am till 11am
            Thursday - Friday 7am till 5pm
             Saturday- CLOSED!

Reservations are required for services.
Hours are subject to change depending on our reservations.
Prices and Requirements are listed on Policies page. Contact info and Holiday Schedule for 2015 are listed on Contact page!



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